About IELTS Online Coaching

Top IELTS Training Institute in Faridabad & Jaipur

IELTS online coaching & preparation mainly focuses on the four modules of English — Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW). This online course preparation will be helpful for test-takers to prepare for the IELTS exam under the guidance of a professional trainer to achieve a good score.

We conduct IELTS online training sessions for candidates with a professional trainer. In the IELTS online coaching in Faridabad, the classes will be about one to one-and-half hours every day from Monday to Friday, and the course is of about four weeks. The classes will be scheduled according to the curriculum. We also provide a soft copy of the course to each candidate as a reference.

We enroll a maximum of five members per online batch for the IELTS course, and this makes the trainer take care of each candidate individually. We conduct an online assessment test prior to training to assess each candidate and work on their weak areas. After the test, based on the performance of the candidate, we will assist him accordingly for each module. The whole session, which is conducted, will be recorded and forwarded to the candidate on the day after every class or session.

Once after completion of the course, we conduct an overall mock test to have a view on how well the candidate can perform for the IELTS exam. If anyone is not doing well, we guide them further to clear the IELTS exam and have a good score because we have got the best online IELTS preparation in Faridabad

This online course is preferable for the candidates who don’t have enough time to attend classroom sessions. Candidates can attend online classes from anywhere within the specified time.