About IELTS Online Coaching

IELTS online coaching & preparation mainly focuses on the four modules of English — Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW). This online course preparation will be helpful for test-takers to prepare for the IELTS exam under the guidance of a professional trainer to achieve a good score. We conduct IELTS online training sessions for candidates […]


IELTS invests heavily in the continued development of its test and the processes by which scores are marked, to ensure a fair assessment for all test takers and a reliable result for the organizations that depend on IELTS as a measure of English language skill. IELTS is unique in that it allows the choice of […]

How to increase your IELTS score band

The IELTS exam or the International English Language Testing System exam is an international the standard test to judge the proficiency in the English language for non-native English language speakers who want to study or work in a country where English is a language of communication. Established in 1989, it uses a nine-band scale to […]

Top IELTS Classes in Jaipur

Educational opportunities in Jaipur have started hitting a new high with the emergence of world-class infrastructure and technology. The chain effect of this development is being enjoyed by industries and sectors all over the Jaipur region, both rural and urban. Of course, urban regions more than rural regions. Another industry that has been the benefactor […]

Best IELTS Classes in Faridabad

IELTS, An English proficiency test, requires the aspirants to have a systematic well-focused approach to clear it. There are certain parameters where the aspirant has to meticulously plan the complete course to achieve the desired score. The common myth that the scores can be achieved if one has a good hang on the language could […]

Why is English becoming so significant now days?

  Language plays a vital and fundamental role in human life. Language is the basic capacity that distinguishes humans from all other living beings. English language in this contemporary world, where there is a cut throat competition in every field, has proved itself as the best medium to express our feelings, thoughts and moods as […]


  In our daily life, English serves as a very essential tool. Be it colleges, hospitals, offices, banks or airports, now a day’s every vital task is carried out in English. So every individual ought to acquire a very fine knowledge of English to be educated and to shine and burnish in the society. Moreover, […]

Best Spoken English Institute in Faridabad

  As we are aware of the fact that English is a highly demanded language now a days. No arena today is untouched by the usage of English. In order to survive in this highly competitive world one needs to have a firm grip over all the aspects of English. KMINDZ EDUCATIONS,  is a leading […]


  IELTS test has reading , writing , speaking and listening modules as everyone is aware of. All of them are equally important . Therefore a student has to work hard on all four of them to achieve a fairly good score overall. Though speaking’ s duration is the least , still its importance can’t […]


The IELTS reading test consists of 40 questions and the candidate is required to answer the questions within 60 minutes. The Academic as well as the general reading test consists of three sections with a variety of questions. The candidates should read the instructions very carefully and follow them meticulously. Each candidate should remember to […]