English is a language that is highly demanded now days in almost every arena. Every person wants to be well versed in it. Still due to the inadequacy of some important rules and information, many times people lack to leave a long lasting impression by their English speaking skills. KMINDZ EDUCATIONS not only imparts the basic grammar skills to the students but also enhances the students’ vocabulary.  At the same time it also keeps updating the students with the common mistakes that should be avoided while speaking effectual English.

Some of the common errors that people generally commit while speaking English.

No idea

Correct answer– I don’t know.

You both are telling a lie, isn’t it?

Correct answer- You both are telling a lie, aren’t you?

I like half boiled eggs.

Correct answer– I like soft boiled eggs.

Drink your soup fast.

Correct answer– Have your soup fast.

Do not repeat this mistake again.

Correct answer– Do not repeat this mistake.

We sold all our furnitures.

Correct answer– we sold all our furniture.

Switch your mobile to silent mode.

Correct answer– Put your mobile to silent mode.

I can do this work myself.

Correct answer– I can do this work on my own.

She is my smaller sister.

Correct answer-She is my younger sister.

Her home is near to my house.

Correct answer– her home is near my house.

Today it is more hotter than yesterday.

Correct answer– today, it is hotter than yesterday.

Did you went to the market?

Correct answer-Did you go to the market?

This is my pet dog. It’s tail is injured.

Correct answer– This is my pet. Its tail is injured.

I bath everyday .

Correct answer– I bathe everyday.

Your birthday is when?

Correct answer– When is your birthday?

Is this book your?

Correct answer– Is this book yours?

Last time we lived in Delhi.

Correct answer­ – We used to live in Delhi.