The college applications can be confusing and some people are not sure about which college application is best for them?
In this situation, we can help you in clearing this confusion. We are here to talk about the different applications that you can use.


The Common application :

The name is enough to make you understand that it is the most common procedure and one of the old methods which we have been following. In this, you just have to write one application and send it to different colleges. There are more than 900 schools – worldwide that accept the common application. Nowadays, the common application uses a whole online application format where you (the student) can edit anything before submitting.


The Universal Application :

The universal application was introduced in 2007 but it is very similar to the common application and just like the common application – the universal application you can submit one application to all other colleges. Normally, right now only 9 colleges are accepting such applications but the colleges which accept the common type of application – also accept the universal application.


The early college application:

If you are planning for your dream college – this is the kind of application which you should try. Why early college application? If you are applying early then your application will get the first preference unlike the regular applications but you can not apply for multiple colleges it is considered a violation. If you are sure that you want to get into this college then only you should go for it.


Individual College application:

Some colleges only accept their kind of format and have their own application which the students need to submit. The college applications are usually available on their website which you can check.


Conclusion :

If you know then there are chances that you can easily understand what kind of application is best for you. I hope with the help of this article, you will be able to get the idea of what kind of college application you should choose.