IELTS test has reading , writing , speaking and listening modules as everyone is aware of. All of them are equally important . Therefore a student has to work hard on all four of them to achieve a fairly good score overall. Though speaking’ s duration is the least , still its importance can’t be underestimated. If the student concentrates a little on IELTS speaking, he can surely perk up his IELTS score. Here are some tips on how you can improve your speaking score :

· Always be confident is the first and the foremost thing to keep in mind.

· Always maintain a proper eye contact with the examiner. Let the examiner feel that you are a good communicator.

· Check your grammar while speaking. Your tenses should be totally according to the topic and the questions of the speaking.

· Develop your habit to extend your answers . Don’t answer the questions of part 1 and 3 in just a yes or no.

· If you don’t understand the question properly , you have the liberty to ask them again from the examiner.

· Enrich yourself with a good range of vocabulary. An effective vocabulary can always fetch you an exceptional band score.

· Don’t take long pauses while speaking. If you feel you are getting blank about a particular line, leave that line and move on.

· Always complete your speaking in the cue card part for complete two minutes. For this practice keeping speaking with a watch at home. If you speak with correct grammar and an excellent vocabulary, but end your speaking cue card part before two minutes, surely you would be penalized in scoring for this.

· Even you are speaking wrong, don’t expect the examiner to correct you. He is not allowed to speak in between your speaking session or to give you suggestions.

· IELTS speaking focuses a lot on the accurate pronunciation of the words. A wrong pronunciation of the words my lead you lose your marks .

At KMINDZ EDUCATIONS, we not only provide the students with a wide list of exceptional vocabulary but also teach them about the correct usage of grammar . the students are also provided bands in the practice sessions so that they can also assess and improve themselves. Various tips and techniques are given to them in the class and they are given various hours of learning so that they their mistakes are not repeated. There are flexible and regular batches for the students in which they interact with our experienced and skilled faculty who rectify all the errors of the students and make them efficient for appearing in IELTS confidently. The classroom’s coaching ambience is peaceful, positive and studious and at the same time non monotonous.

A proper emphasis is given not only on the academic curriculum of the test but the students are also motivated and inspired continuously so that while studying their confidence is always high.

Last but not the least , KMINDZ believes in making the students fly abroad and fulfill all their dreams.