The IELTS reading test consists of 40 questions and the candidate is required to answer the questions within 60 minutes. The Academic as well as the general reading test consists of three sections with a variety of questions.

The candidates should read the instructions very carefully and follow them meticulously.

Each candidate should remember to use a pencil while writing the answers.

It’s very important that the candidate reads the questions very carefully before beginning to read the texts. This helps to understand what type of answers he/she needs to look for while reading.

There are three sections for both Academic as well as General Test and the time allotted for each section is 20 minutes. A candidate should adhere to this time limit in order to complete all the questions within 60 minutes (.i.e. within an hour). Candidates often tend to take more time in the beginning and read the text slowly. Therefore, they have to hurry to complete the questions towards the end. The more they make haste, the more they commit mistakes, ultimately resulting in low score.

In order to check this, candidate should develop the habit of reading daily. They can solve sample texts to be able to know their weaknesses.  This also helps them to know whether they are able to answer within the allotted time.

A variety of questions are used, so a very careful reading of these along with the associated instructions, helps the candidate to be more focussed while reading the text and the candidate can  find correct answers without squandering time.

The candidate can underline the important facts while reading the text as this helps them to know the part of the text where they looked for the answer and they can review their answers if time permits.

Candidates should not get confused with a particular question. If they find it difficult to answer a question, they should not linger on, but move on to the next question to utilize the time. They can come back to the difficult part later and find the answer without being apprehensive.

Scoring well in the reading section is quite easy with meticulous, planned and regular practice. Never study overnight before the test. Always take a healthy breakfast and be very positive. A candidate needs to be much focussed while reading so these precautions are pivotal.