IELTS Preparation Coaching


The academic component of IELTS is designed for people desirous of pursuing education in countries like Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand. Many universities, professional bodies as well as immigration authorities recognise this test.

This component has 4 modules which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. KMINDZ is considered as one of the best IELTS training institute  in Faridabad and Jaipur.


This module has four sections with ten questions each which are to be answered within 30 minutes and 10 minutes are provided to check the answers and write them on the provided answer sheet. There are total 40 questions. The variety of questions includes sentence completion, maps, building layouts as well as multiple choice questions with single answers.

 During the training sessions the candidates at KMINDZ are provided with extensive training to listen to different accents so that they can develop their listening acumen. Trainers provide extensive tips so that the candidates can score maximum bands within the specific tenure. There are frequent listening tests provided in the classroom which students are encouraged to do on their own with prior guidance from the instructors.


The reading module has three sections of long text with total 40 questions and the total allotted time is 60 minutes. The texts are from various sources like newspapers, journals, books and magazines.

The candidates need to read the text quickly to be able to locate the accurate answers to the provided questions and also need to adhere to the time limit. All the answers should be neatly written on the answers sheet and there should not be any spelling errors. The candidates should write with pencil. The questions are of different formats like Sentence Completion, Multiple choice questions, list of headings, and statements which are True/ False or Not Given.

During training sessions at KMINDZ, the candidates are trained to enhance their reading abilities by a step by step procedure.

 They are taught to divide the provided time in a manner so that they can answer maximum number of questions correctly and most importantly within the allotted time frame.

Candidates who are slow readers are provided with individual attention to improve their reading skills. The highly experienced trainers are quite benevolent and amiable so that students do not shy away from seeking help whenever necessary.


This module consists of Task 1 and Task2.

In Task 1, candidates have to interpret the provided data which is usually a graph, a bar or a pie chart, a map, a building layout or a diagram. The candidates are expected to write at least 150 words and the allotted time is 20 minutes. During the writing sessions the students get to learn how to present the available data in a descriptive manner with appropriate collocations and vocabulary as well as comparisons between the provided information for enhancing the band score.

In task 2, the candidates have to present their ability to write their ideas on the provided topic while following the format of essay writing. The questions include socially relevant topics and the answers should be provided with a range of clearly expressed ideas

 Here formatting the information with a range of sentences is necessary. Use of sentences with wide grammatical range and accuracy help the candidates to score higher bands. At KMINDZ, the writing sessions are sufficiently elaborate with immediate evaluation and assessment by the trainers. There is lot of hard work involved and the candidates get regular feedback from their trainers regarding their progress. At KMINDZ we provide you the best IELTS preparation training in Faridabad & Jaipur for writing for both academic and general.


The speaking session has three parts. The first part is general introduction of the candidate. Most of the academic candidates are students. Therefore, they often feel jittery during this face to face interaction. Fortunately, the regular speaking sessions at KMINDZ are aimed at making the candidates confident speakers of English so that they do not feel hesitant during this interactive section.

In part 2 of the speaking test, the students are provided with a Cue Card which has a topic and associated questions. The students get approximately 1 minute to prepare themselves and 1to 2 minutes for speaking. The candidates are gradually trained to focus their thought process so that they can speak in an organised manner and are fluent as well as spontaneous. Hence, they can appear as regular speakers of English. This ability helps them to get a respectable score. The trainers listen to the candidates during the classroom sessions and are made aware of the errors committed by them so that they can speak without grammatical errors and with enriched vocabulary.

Last but not the least, mock tests are conducted for each and every candidate so that they get to experience how the actual test is conducted and are well versed with the procedure. This makes the candidates less anxious and they can be more focussed. KMINDZ is considered as one of the best speaking practice institute for IELTS in Faridabad and Jaipur.

Why to Join Us ?

  • We provide individual attention for reading, writing and listening categories.
  • We organise a small batch for spoken and interview skills.
  • We make you practise so much to make you feel easy.
  • We have full time employees who will assist you at every step.
  • We don’t teach by clock or hours, we teach for results.
  • We give extra time without any extra charges.
  • We value you and your career path.
  • Unlimited listening classes.
  • Simple trick and techniques to clear the exam.

IELTS Pattern & Eligibility

There are two modules of IELTSAcademic module and General module.




Academic module is for those candidates who want to pursue higher education abroad and for professional studies like doctors and nurses, management courses, etc.

SKILL Questions/ Task Time (min)
Listening 40 (4 parts) 30
Reading 40 (3 passages) 60
Writing 2 task (1st pictorial, 2nd essay) 60
Speaking 3 rounds 11-14


General module is for those candidates who want for working abroad and for immigration purposes.

SKILL Questions/ Task Time (min)
Listening 40 (4 parts) 30
Reading 40 (3 passages, easy as compared to Academic) 60
Writing 2 task (1st letter ,2nd essay) 60
Speaking 3 rounds 11-14