Planning Through The Pandemic


2020 has been such a shocker, but we need to sail through!

Be it work, daily life, future plans…. Everything has changed.
But we need to stay strong and adapt. That’s the best we can do! Try to understand what we can change right now in order to get the better of what we want later! And this applies to your study plans too.
The following are the changes you will meet regards to your 2020 study abroad plans and how to adapt along with them!

⦁ The Transition To Online Classes

The online mode is surely convenient but not when you have to spend more than too much time on them. It comes with the feeling of missing out on your actual interaction with your teachers, friends, and experiencing campus life in general. But it sure is convenient for many reasons. The fact that you can sit in the comfort of your room with a bunch of snacks in your lap sure is a deal-breaker, but there are other pros too!
⦁ The fact that you save your time and money traveling.
⦁ You get a chance to spend time with the family.
⦁ You get the much needed time to self-study!
So, think of this time as a preparatory period for your actual entry to college. Make the best of the opportunity of getting the convenience of your home and the comfort of your family!


⦁ The Fluctuations in Travel Restrictions

They’re almost over! If you’re anxious about how traveling could be a problem then don’t worry because your concern is valid.
But the fact that the travel facilities have updated a lot in the recent is pretty out there.
You just have to be careful and that’s a precondition regarding everywhere go now! So abroad is no different!
Keep aware of all travel restrictions and exemptions by consulting the appropriate government and embassy websites, so you know whether or not it’s possible to move to your country of choice in time for the beginning of the academic year!
And keep planning ahead!


⦁ Safety at Universities

This is at its complete height! Universities are not only preparing to introduce all-new safety measures after the pandemic but the safety of the students is going to be in fact the first priority when it comes to going to the university.
When university life gets back on track you will find with yourself many new safety measures as it’s the topmost priority of all the universities at this time.


⦁ You can still Get Your Student Visa!

At the height of the pandemic, it has almost become an impossibility…. But we have come through!
The acceptance rate for students applying for visas is back on track!
All you need to do is contact the embassy you need to and update your information on what procedure to follow and what steps to take!


⦁ The wait to experiencing that Campus life!

This one is the hardest! University is not just about studying but experiencing a whole new life in a whole new country when you’re an international student!

So the wait to that much-awaited campus life, interaction with teachers, friends, new people, and a whole new world, in general, is what your heart seeks!

But don’t worry.
Things are getting better and the future seems positive. You just have to be strong enough and informed enough and you’ll get through everything, including your struggle to finally reach and study at your dream university!