Clearing IELTS test is exactly similar to a dream come true for the people who wish to go to abroad for immigration, for secondary or higher studies or for job purpose. However IELTS can be cleared with a fairly good band only if the student is well acquainted with all the tips and techniques required for clearing IELTS.

KMINDZ EDUCATION believes in not only making students well equipped with all the four modules of IELTS  but also provides all the necessary tricks and tips so that the students can complete their test within the stipulated time along with a good band score of 7 plus.

Here are some important tips for IELTS LISTENING which would be really helpful for the students :

  • First of all one should never lose his/ her focus from the conversation or the monologue that he / she is hearing. Even if one or two question are missed from him he should not agonize it, but should concentrate on the next questions.
  • One should keep on writing the answers as the recording is not repeated.
  • One should not lose his attention from listening while he is writing the answers. Both the things have to be done simultaneously.
  • All the proper nouns need to be mentioned in capital letters.
  • Spelling mistakes are considered.
  • One should be familiarized with the accent of the recording.
  • Never panic if you feel your listening task is difficult. Remember, it is the same for everyone.
  • Don’t leave any blank answer at the end as there is no negative marking.
  • Always read the instructions very carefully and follow them.
  • Always see the examples that have already being done for you.
  • Always listen very keenly and then write the answers as many times the speaker changes the information while speaking .
  • Take care for the word limit .
  • Practice doing lots of listening tasks at home so that in the test you should be hundred percent confident about listening.
  • Concentration plays a very important role in English.
  • Don’t see what others students are doing in the examination centre. This may lead you lose your focus from your listening recording.
  • At last , be positive and believe everything would be positive.