Top 5 best courses in UK


Choosing a university program can be a difficult task for prospective students. Career possibilities are cited as the ruling determinant while selecting a career rather than composing an option based on how much you like the subject. Here are the Top Five courses that are not only studied in the UK but also excel in the World Rank:


1  Architecture

Architecture is outlining, planning and creating buildings and other concrete structures. The students acquire knowledge of art, science, technology, and humanity. 

Architectural work is recognised as works of art. It is an excellent career and has a very high paying area. Graduates can make their careers as Building & Commercial designer, Higher education lecturer, Historic buildings inspector, Landscape architect, Structural engineer.


2  Computer Science

Computer science is the clear and pragmatic method to computation and its application as well as the systematic study of theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for design and use of computers. A degree in the subject could help you build a successful career. Computer Science careers include Computer Programmer, ‎Software Developer, Software Engineer, ‎Security Analyst, Network systems administrator Database, administrator.


3  Psychology

One of the highest-paid professionals, this qualification evolves your critical reasoning abilities intensifying decision-making and power-solving skills. An academic training, psychology is a social science which examines the behaviour and purpose of beliefs, conscious and unconscious habits of individuals or groups by establishing general policies and researching specific crises. The most famous work areas are clinical psychologist, Counselling psychologist, Educational psychologist, Forensic psychologist and more.


4  MBA

MBA is the most explored course today. A terminal and a professional master’s degree in business administration aims a transparent approach to management. It incorporates various areas of business in connection to management analysis and strategy. Investment Banking Management Consulting, Private Equity, Data analytics, Banking & Finance, Entrepreneurship.


5  Law

Law is highly respected with the students rising transferrable works like research, logical & analytical reasoning, interpretation and explanation of critical topics and selecting formal documents besides legal information. Law students have exact postgraduate options such as LLM, LPC, and BPTC. Law degree holders serve as the barrister, chartered legal executive or solicitor or other professions in the courtroom